Website Design

“I know nothing about websites, but I think I need one, how do I get one?”

This is a common query for us, while we could site here and tell you about our design skills and solutions in html, php, css and making tea, if it means nothing to you, then there is little point, so instead, we have compiled what I hope is a plain English guide to our services. As you work through the website, if there is anything you want to ask us, there is a contact option on every page.

After the above the most common questions we get at Wight Pixel HQ are as follows:

  • How much?
  • What will it do?
  • what about making changes?
  • Do you take sugar?
  • How long will it take?
  • Whats a what now?
  • Can I have…?
While all valid questions, sometimes they can be difficult to answer as everybody and every solution is different. but as a rough guide.
  • An average 5-7 page simple site package would be £150
  • It will enable people to view your products and services and put you in touch with potential customers 24/7
  • We offer systems enabling you to make changes or packages where we do the work.
  • 1 please and milk
  • Taking the simple site package example we aim to complete within 7 days. A better estimate would be given after initial discussion.
  • Is it answered in our Glossary?
  • If we offer it sure :)
Using the menu above you can find out more about us and what we can hopefully do for you.